A sinkhole formed from a partially-collapsed alley road in Taman Cenderawasih, Kuantan. Pix by Hidir Reduan

A SINKHOLE formed from a partially-collapsed alley in Taman Cenderawasih, Kuantan, has inconvenienced houseowners.

They are forced to use the other side of the alley to bring in their vehicles.

Zaini Uma, 55, who has lived in the alley for more than 10 years, expressed frustration with the sinkhole, which had appeared one month ago.

She said residents were not able to bring bigger vehicles through the alley.

“Only Perodua Kancil and small cars can pass through the entrance to the alley (due to the hole).

“Even Alam Flora (garbage collector) workers cannot bring their lorry into the alley to remove our trash.”

She said big cars that tried to make it through the lane might get their tyres stuck in the hole.

“Thankfully, an imam has put up a wooden sign with red cloth to warn residents about the hole.”

Checks by the New Straits Times showed that the alley was dark at night, posing a risk to pedestrians and motorists who wanted to enter the alley.


A Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) spokesman said the council would take action following the complaint.

He said MPK would send a team to the site to inspect the problem and carry out repairs.

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