The Hulu Langat Drainage and Irrigation Department will fix the landslip at Sungai Langat. Pix courtesy of D.I.D

RESIDENTS of Kampung Batu 10, Jalan Cheras in Kajang, Selangor, were recently greeted with the horrifying sight of a landslip at Sungai Langat.

The landslip occurred 10m away from the house of Maheran Abdul Ghani, who told Actionline that the slope gave way following heavy rainfall on May 25.

“The people here, especially the ones living close to Sungai Langat, are worried that the situation will worsen.

“We are afraid that when there is another heavy rain, the bank will erode more and affect the nearby houses.”


Actionline visited the area recently and found that the damage was extensive.

Some remedial work has begun, but more needs to be done. Hulu Langat Drainage and Irrigation engineer S.V. Kalaiselvam Velayudan said remedial work would focus on strengthening the river bank. He said contractors had, on Tuesday, been appointed to carry out the work.

“Work will start within a week and it will be completed in two to three weeks.

“The repair consists of backfilling the landslide, installing slope protection like ‘gabion’ (a wirework container filled with rock and broken concrete), and strengthening the slope.”

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