Residents at Jalan Babington here are upset over heavy vehicles parked along the road of their residential area. Pix by Shahnaz Fazlie Shahrizal

RESIDENTS in Jalan Babington in George Town, Penang, are upset that heavy vehicles are using the road as their parking spots.

They are worried that the vehicles would pose a risk to children and disabled people who live nearby.

M. Samanathan, 59, said the vehicles had been parked on the side of the road for the past two months.

He said he was not sure who the owners were.

“I am not sure who owns the vehicles. Initially, there was only one heavy vehicle. Now, there are four or five.

“Children from a nearby dance school and the disabled are always passing through the area.

“The vehicles are a danger to them,” he said.


A Northeast Traffic Police Department spokesman said the department would visit the area and issue summonses to the owners of the heavy vehicles.

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