Buffaloes roaming the streets in Shah Alam. Pix courtesy of NST reader

An integrated resort township in Shah Alam has become dirty and “smelly” due to buffaloes roaming freely and dropping their waste in the area.

Faizi Mokhtar said there was an illegal buffalo shed where about 50 buffaloes would stray along Jalan Jingga U9/39 in Cahaya SPK.

“With the presence of the buffaloes, the pedestrian walkways and roads are littered with their droppings which give out a putrid smell.”

Faizi said he noticed the buffaloes started appearing a couple of months back.

“Multiple complaints have been made to the local council but no action has been taken.”


A spokesman for the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) said the council was monitoring the situation.

“The council’s Environment Health Department will soon take action.”

He said under the Local Government Act 1976, a compound would be issued to the owner of the animals for causing discomfort to the public.

He said a similar case had occurred in Denai Alam recently where MBSA took swift action against the owner.

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