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A READER feels that the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) is not doing enough for the wellbeing of ratepayers.

Megat Shah wrote that Taman Melawati had become too crowded.

“Through MPAJ, Taman Melawati has lost an open carpark at the entrance to the housing area where a Ramadan bazaar used to be located.

“But now it is replaced with a commercial centre. We have also lost our recreational area where the youth and budding footballers used to sharpen their soccer skills.

“Melawati Mall has taken over that spot. In the area is where we have our pasar malam on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,” he said.

Megat said food trucks were also banned from operating at the open car park in the area. 

“Where has MPAJ moved the food trucks? To a smaller open car park beside the Melawati Mall, the same spot where the Ramadan bazaar is held. Can anyone imagine having the pasar malam, Ramadan bazaar and food trucks in the same area?

“Melawati Mall is not even open yet,” he said, adding that it would be worse once new malls were opened.

Megat said residents needed more recreational space and not commercial buildings.

“Taman Melawati used to be a serene residential area, now it is congested with traffic. 

“There is no recreational area left, forcing children to play in the streets.

“When the Residents Security Association proposed fencing and gates, it was rejected.

“The residents are looking out for themselves, trying to protect the children and community as MPAJ isn’t taking care of us,” he said.


An MPAJ spokesman said the council would work with developers to solve the traffic issue.

“This needs to be studied in depth as it involves technical factors,” she said.

She said MPAJ would be more stringent in its enforcement, such as issuing compounds to traffic offenders, clamping of tyres and towing of vehicles that are parked indiscriminately.

“This is because illegal parking also disrupts traffic flow.

“We have taken into account the feedback of residents,” she said.

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