The man living under the flyover of Sprint Highway. PIC BY SYARAFIQ ABD SAMAD

MOTORISTS and pedestrians plying Jalan Maarof are concerned about a vagrant, who they believe is of unsound mind, living under the flyover of Sprint Highway.

A commuter, who declined to be identified, said she had often seen the man dancing.

“He does not bother anyone and seems to mind his own business. But, I am worried that he may get aggressive one day and attack pedestrians walking towards the Semantan mass rapid transit station.”

She said the man had a few belongings, which he placed near a pillar.

A motorist, who wanted to be known only as Abu, said he felt unsafe whenever he stopped at the traffic-light junction, near where the man lived.

“His presence in that area is disturbing.

“I am worried that he would run amok and attack motorists plying the route there.”


A Welfare Department spokesman has urged motorists to lodge a police report. 

“Since the motorists believe that the man is of unsound mind, they must lodge a police report,” he said, adding that police could get medical treatment for the man.   

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