Awi Rafael says doctors have advised him to be more careful with what he eat, following the allergy. NSTP pic.

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Awi Rafael has been seeking medical treatment for a skin problem of late.

The Singapore-born artiste who is best known for his duet with Altimet, Kalau Aku Kaya, said rumours of him suffering from skin cancer are baseless.

Awi, 31, whose real name is Muhammad Nawawi Ewan Gunawan Rafael said doctors have "cleared" him of the big C, and he was actually suffering from eczema caused by allergy to certain foods.

"Thank God my worst fears have been proven untrue! It's been more than a year that I've had this skin irritation and peeling, and I'm delighted that it's not a life-threatening disease," said Awi in a recent interview.

"My doctors have advised me to be more careful with what I eat, and I've been told to stay away from foods that are oily. I'm currently on medication, and the condition is slowly improving."

He also said that he had learnt to become more health conscious by consuming more fruits and vegetables which are "disease fighters".

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