The kitchen is another area which you should pay close attention to. Make sure that everything is in order.
A small garden may just be good enough to draw positive energy to your house.

BUYING a home can be challenging. If the positioning of the house and all its rooms are wrong and has sharp ends, then living in it could cause you financial or health issues.

If you do not know much about Feng Shui, you should at least observe the surroundings of your house and see what are the distractions.

It is important to know whether your house is facing a T-Junction, telecommunication tower, or a railroad, because these conditions can attract negative energy.

Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi (who also writes for, said a house with good Feng Shui was free from Sha Chi (attacking energy) or Si Chi (low energy) around it.

There are a few ways to attract good Feng Shui to your house:

Energy flow to front door

Nothing should obstruct the energy flow to the front door of your house. If there is a large potted plant, recycling bin or shoes blocking the pathway, they must be removed. The door should have the right colour to provide harmony with the element of its direction. For example, if your front door is facing East (Wood element), then the best colours for your door are green, brown, blue and black. Avoid red, purple and orange.

Quality of energy in main entryway

As you enter your home, it must be free from anything that can attract negative energy. Try to avoid placing a mirror at the entrance to your door. As a rule of thumb, when the energy that is attracted to the house enters, it must be channelled through all the rooms equally. Thus, the main entry must welcome, strengthen and divert the energy for a good Feng Shui house.

Strong Feng Shui trinity

It is said that the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom determine the quality of Feng Shui energy at home. Therefore, giving attention to only one of the areas and neglecting the other two will not give a balance and will eventually ruin the good Feng Shui of your house.

Fresh feng shui energy

Even if you have already set a strong Feng Shui foundation in your house, the energy must flow freely. It is advisable to throw away stuff that you don’t need to prevent energy from stagnating. According to Rodika Tchi, good Feng Shui energy expresses itself in a clean space with fresh air and plenty of good light.

Constant exploration

It is advisable that you take your time and do whatever necessary to turn your house into a good Feng Shui magnet. Don’t rush or overdo it. Read up and call for experts if help is needed.

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